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Christmas at the King’s

Christmas at the King’s, I’m guessing, is no different than most American homes. At our house, the Christmas season doesn’t officially begin until the day after Thanksgiving. Discussions begin with the commitment to a family photo, (which rarely happens), sending out...

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A Time For Everything

A Time for Everything My mother was a gifted woman. She had quite a number of talents. Some of which my Sister, my brother and I inherited. As a carpenter's kid, (and later a preacher’s kid), she leaned a great deal of the trade. Her father built the buildings of four...

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A New Home

It was early evening as we coasted into the small city of Fort Collins, Colorado. The new spring sky was turning into that hazy, pinkish orange as the sun set behind the Rocky mountain range. Weary from the long journey from our first home in Casper Wyoming, we...

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